The original Nokia 3310 phone was known to be nearly indestructible, along with excellent battery life and of course, Nokia legacy goodies such as the ever popular Snake mobile game. HMD decided that it should revisit the Nokia hall of nostalgia, and hence the reviving of the Nokia 3310. Announced at Mobile World Congress is an all new Nokia 3310 which sports modern features such as a color screen and a camera. However, the highly anticipated phone might not launch in the US, for now.

The brand new Nokia 3310 definitely has potential buyers from all corners of the world, including the US, but interested buyers from the US might have to sit out on this one, or this “initial” model of the Nokia 3310. The phone’s network bands turned out to be incompatible with US carrier networks. HMD Chief Executive Arto Nummela spoke to USA Today, claiming that HMD could “theoretically make a version that would work” in the US.

However, Nummela suggested further that the Nokia 3310 is only a feature phone for those who are alright with only the basics such as calling and texting. Based on Nummela’s statements, it is rather difficult to predict whether or not HMD will make US specific Nokia 3310 handsets, or rather units that support more network bands. China is one of the two markets that are prioritized by HMD, the other regional market is said to be the US. 

Would you get a new Nokia 3310 in the name of nostalgia? How well do you think the phone will sell here in Malaysia?

Source: USA Today

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