Earlier today, some of you may have problems accessing certain websites or even apps. Rest assured that those problems have nothing to do with your internet connection as it appears that Amazon Web Services has faced some serious issues with its S3 web-based storage service.

According to Amazon’s AWS service health dashboard, it appears that AWS has experienced “high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1”. The error caused some service disruption to a number of websites and services such as Business Insider, Giphy, Slack, Medium and many others. On top of that, some Internet of Things devices were also affected by the errors.

Even Amazon themselves weren’t immune to the problems that plagued the S3 storage as it appears that status indicators found on the service health dashboard did not change its colour thanks to the errors.

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Despite the major disruption that was caused by the S3 storage’s errors, Amazon has since resolved all errors and access to the affected websites and services should be restored. While the error itself isn’t caused by malicious actors this time, there is no denying that the disruption caused was reminiscent of the disruption that was caused by the DDOS attack on Dyn.

Source: TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Amazon Web Services