LG will be making its second foray into the realm of virtual reality, except this time, the company is looking to build it using Valve’s OpenVR platform.

Valve has since confirmed to Road to VR that LG’s headset will utilise the company’s SteamVR Tracking, a VR tracking technology that is both royalty-free and open source. While details of the LG VR headset is still scarce at the moment, Valve has confirmed that a prototype of the headset will be available on the showfloor of the Games Developer Conference that is being held today. .

Interestingly enough, LG’s upcoming VR headset would be the direct competitor to HTC’s own Vive headset, considering the fact that both LG and HTC utilise the same OpenVR system to develop their own respective headsets. Whatever the case, LG”s upcoming VR headset may prove to be more successful than the company’s 360 VR headset, a VR headset made specifically for the LG G5 that has largely been forgotten.

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Source: Road to VR