Want a powerbank that looks cool and have some cash to spend? You may probably want to check out Razer’s very own powerbank, known as the Power Bank Smart Charge accessory, the power pack is optimized to be used with the Razer Blade Stealth 12.5 to extend the laptop’s battery life up to 15 hours, it is equipped with a 12,800mAh capacity and features two standard USB ports and a USB-C port, Razer claims that the powerbank is able to smartly detect the type of devices being charged, in the case of charging the Blade Stealth, it is able to fast charge the laptop fully in less than 2 hours.

Of course, the power bank will also charge your tablets and smartphones, and has Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 support to fast charge supported devices. The Razer Power Bank is also made with a high quality CNC material and is pretty lightweight, which Razer says it is the best companion for gamers on the go. As pretty as Razer’s Power Bank goes, you are going to have to pay US$149.99 (MYR666.08) for a genuine Razer logo embossed on the power bank, while powerbanks at the same capacity with Quick Charge 3.0 can be had for less than US$50 (MYR222.03) these days.

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Would you spend your cash on this non-Chroma device from Razer? The powerbank will be available for purchase by March 2017 over at razerzone.com