Meizu wasn’t particularly outstanding recently, neither was it any silent. The presence of the Chinese manufacturer in a global perspective has only gone as far as lurking in the shadows while it continues to excel in sales back in mainland China. Regardless, Meizu might or might not surprise you with its good news – its first ever trip to Mobile World Congress.

For the first time in history, Meizu will be strutting its stuff at Barcelona for MWC 2017, which begins next week. Meizu’s decision for its MWC attendance will likely bear fruit, as the company finally opens its doors to faces worldwide. Showcasing its products at MWC is definitely a good start, not to mention a huge step forward for Meizu. The company also has an demo event set for February 28 at 10am local time. The aim of the event is to “show how people can get more out of the modern, fast-paced lifestyle”. Chances are that we will be seeing one of Meizu’s more recent and impressive devices. 

Fellow Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi’s absence at this year’s MWC will also allow more breathing space for Meizu, and possibly a chance for the latter company to get a taste of what limelight feels like, though the main attention will be upon the bigger players such as LG, Huawei and Sony. What do you think?

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