Nintendo’s march towards modern day gaming continues today as it is discovered that all purchases made on the eShop for the Nintendo Switch will now be tied to your Nintendo Account.

Previously, Nintendo’s approach when it comes to software downloads on the eShop involves tying the purchases to the hardware instead of a unified account. Because of this, should the device be damaged or lost in some way, the owner of said device will be forced to repurchase the content once again. 

Starting from the Nintendo Switch, all purchases done on the eShop will now be linked to the user’s Nintendo Account, allowing them to re-download their purchased content on a new console if something were to happen to it. This policy update was discovered on the same Nintendo Switch UI footage that was released last week. In the video, a brief shot of the updated ‘Terms and Conditions’ can be seen on the video.

Nintendo’s decision to change the way it handles eShop purchases is yet sign of the company updating its policies to better fit the modern era. The other big change that the Nintendo has done to the Switch is the decision to drop region locking altogether.

Source: Polygon