The ZTE Hawkeye certainly sounds like a cool and forward looking phone. ZTE claims “Project CSX”, or the Hawkeye handset to be made out of the opinions of the common man. The Chinese manufacturer however received a lot of flak when it revealed the specs of the Hawkeye. To the disappointment of the campaign backers, the internal specs of the phone were only mediocre at best, though it sported dual cameras, plus eye tracking technology for hands free scrolling.

ZTE has officially cancelled its project on crowd funding site Kickstarter, based on the beating of comments they got after the Hawkeye’s specs were revealed. ZTE initially wanted to save its project by upping the ante on the phone’s specs by a certain degree, but the price of the device could not be changed in any way. In a period of 45 days, Project CSX only managed to $36,245 out of its $500,000 goal.

ZTE has stated that the pledges will be voided and the money will be refunded to backers. The good news is this won’t be the last time we will be hearing from ZTE’s Hawkeye handset, as the company plans to implement the idea of Project CSX onto a higher spec-ed phone. ZTE intends to reevaluate on the current Hawkeye and has encouraged its fans to provide feedback on its Z-Community forum. Hopefully, ZTE will come back stronger with the idea of an eye tracking smartphone. What do you think?

Source: ZTE (Kickstarter)

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