Twitter has taken yet another step in its fight against online harassment and trolling recently as the company has implemented a new vetting system that will temporarily restrict the tweets of users who are deemed abusive.

Twitter will temporarily restrict abusive accounts 1

Once Twitter identifies an account that it deems abusive, Twitter would proceed to restrict that account for an unspecified amount of time. When restricted, Tweets that come out from said account will not appear on the timeline of people who do not follow the account in question. Additionally, retweets and mentions will be limited as well as only people that follow that account are able to do so.

Seeing as Twitter did not specify what exactly would cause one’s accounts to be restricted, there are reports that users are getting suspended from the service due to poor usage of words. Twitter has since stated that the service would look through the account’s behavior history before restricting people, so a single use of an offensive word won’t result in your account being muted from the general public. Whatever the case, Twitter’s intentions with this system is clear: play nice, or else.

Source: Engadget

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