To make ourselves not look older than we actually are, we either resort to anti-ageing cosmetics or simply fire up our smartphone camera app to apply filters on our face, it certainly sucks to get old overtime. However for your old faithful automobiles, Shell has launched the new Helix High Mileage engine oil to keep the engine running as young as possible, it offers customised protection to cars that has traveled more than 100,000km of distancel, and it offers up to 40% better wear protection to prolong engine life all thanks to a Flexi Molecule Technology.

In addition, Shell’s proprietary Active Cleansing Technology also results in a cleaner engine, which aims to offer better performance by preventing the accumulation of sludge and other damaging deposits. The Helix High Mileage has a thicker formulation that helps prevent oil leaks from ageing seals and gaskets, while having an exceptionally low evaporation loss to reduce oil consumption and great oxidation stability to prevent oil ageing and burn-off.

“According to the Malaysian Automotive Association’s survey during 2000-2015, there are some 11 million cars on the road in Malaysia and approximately half of them are 10 years or older. The challenging economic climate also means that more owners are driving their cars for longer. Shell Helix High Mileage is specifically formulated to address common problems in high mileage cars such as a dirty engine, reduced engine performance and oil leaks from worn seals, gaskets and parts.” quoted Shairan Huzani Husain, Managing Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd.

Shell has an anti-ageing engine oil for your automobiles 1

The recommended retail price of a 4-litre pack of the Shell Helix High Mileage 15W-50 is RM148 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM150 in Sabah and Sarawak, while a 1-litre pack retails for RM40 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM41 in Sabah and Sarawak. For a limited time, car owners who require an engine oil change can visit participating workshops and enjoy RM25 off for every 4-litre Helix High Mileage engine oil purchased. For more information, head on over to


  1. wow, now engine oil also got anti-ageing function. Old car also can become new car, run like a young athlete. But i think that mean maintain the engine performance, sure they got do something research and development on the engine oil, the element may make the engine perform better.

    • Those car which travel can use helix high mileage, because the product said can cover 100000km. If need travel a lot, my old car cannot hold in this kind of situation, but this engine oil was give some better experience to me.

      • for me, old car still is a old car, i dont use for travel far, i still worry the car engine might sudden break down, although it taking good care, but just in case, i heard that shell do have some contest like giving extra warranty to engine, but i still worry too much t&c and unfulfilled

        • oil car still can go for a long trip, but before that it need some proper checking before you go. Then it will be less chance to have problem during the trip, but if the car have some serious damage then better dont use the car go for long trip. If just normal situation, choose the good engine oil is enough, like the shell one, feeling comfortable after use it, less problem occur on the car engine.

    • Yup, shell high mileage did a great formula for old car more than 8 years and above…
      personally feel that if you using the right engine oil like high mileage you other part service also can last longer… no need everytime go change part…

      • is that true? i send my old car to services, the workshop guy told me, all engine oil are just same, i also cant feel the different after changing different brand of engine oil, just feel the car still the same only, unless changing car engine, haha

        • It depend how you feel after use the engine oil, i got one experience about the high mileage, the car is still stable after go for a long journey. Not like previous time, my car always get over heat during the journey, when the time i sue the high mileage, the engine is not show in high temperature.

          • That showing how good the engine manage to protect the engine, look like the high mileage is helping your car’s engine, then you must have a safe trip~

  2. Can this type of oil be used on cars that have less than 100km of mileage? Because it’s main advantage is that it can provide better protection and increase the engine life right? So if can use early then maybe it can be good.

    • No lah better use other type of oil if your car is still new, later your engine become bad then you know. But even if for old car I don’t think I would use this lah, because the price is quite expensive so rather use back the mineral based oil which is cheaper. Don’t really feel worth it if the car is old already.

      • Is it old car can use the high milleage one? Is it safe for my engine old car? I dont want my engine got trouble when using the high milleage engine oil. Shell or petronas better ?

        • Its suitable for your car if using high milleage. I suggest to you using Shell High Milleage . It can make your old car up to 40% better wear protection help prolong engine life. And also can help prevent sludge and other damage. I prefer Shell because im using Shell High Milleage before dis. Its quite good and suitable with my old car.


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