Twitter has always had a problem with trolls and cyberbullying, although the company has since began taking steps to curb both issues. Today, the company has published a blogpost that reveals that it will be rolling out additional tools in order to stem the flow of abusive messages that one could potentially receive.

The first method that the company will employ in its fight against cyberbullying is to identify and stop users who have been permanently suspended from the service from creating new accounts. While Twitter believes that doing so would stop a user from creating multiple accounts that can be used to abuse and harass other users, Twitter did not expand on how exactly the company would perform the identification needed to verify if the user has been suspended from Twitter before.

‘Safe Search’ will be the second method that Twitter implements in order to cut down on online harassment. With this system in place, users will no longer see potentially sensitive content on their search results. Additionally, tweets from accounts that have been blocked or muted will not appear in the search results as well. One important thing to note about this system is that it is not a filter. As such, if someone were to go out of their way to search for said sensitive content, they’ll still be able to see it in their search results.

Twitter to roll out additional tools to help combat abusive messages 1

Finally, Twitter will work on identifying potentially abusive and low-quality tweets. Once the tweets are identified, they would be made collapsable so that the user can opt to ignore them if they so wish.

Source: Twitter

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