The YouTube app now has a new and handy feature that might just make our lives easier. The video streaming app has been existent since forever in the world of smartphones, and the company has been adding feature after feature over the years to improve the user experience by enhancing the app’s functionalities. The latest feature of YouTube now enables users to skip/seek through videos in 10 second intervals.

In order to execute this new feature on the YouTube app, you have to double tap either on the right or left side of the screen while watching a video. Double tapping on the right side will skip 10 seconds forward and tapping on the left side will bring you back 10 seconds before. Tapping four times will skip 20 seconds. 6 times for 30 seconds and so forth, that is if you are fast enough.

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The new feature is available on the latest version of the YouTube app on the Google Play Store, version 12.03 to be exact. If you find this feature as a must, you might want to make sure that your YouTube app has been updated to the latest version as mentioned. Unfortunately, this feature does not work on video ads. Thoughts?

Source: Play Store