Google has just made a huge change to its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) platform. Starting from today, users can now copy and share an AMP article’s source link as Google has implemented an anchor button that shows the original link.

Google AMP users can now share the original URL of an article 1

Prior to this update, users who wish to share an article that they’re currently reading on their device’s Google app or Chrome browser could only share a link that shows Google’s address. Once the update is made available for the user’s devices, a button can now be found on the header bar that contains the publisher’s permalink for the article in question. Simply put, the new AMP update will let you share the actual link to the article itself instead of the AMP Cache URL.

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This update to the AMP is now available on the iOS versions of the Google App and the Chrome browser. Android users will need to wait a little while longer before the feature goes active, but Google has promised that it will be available within the coming weeks.

Source: Google Developer Blog, TechCrunch


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