HTC’s Android Nougat software rollout to its HTC 10 flagship device has met with a number of hiccups along the way, specifically in mainland Europe. The shipping of Android Nougat to HTC 10 handsets in the said region has been halted not once, but numerous times. The company has finally rebooted its Nougat rollout once again for devices in mainland Europe, according to a tweet by HTC’s Product and Service Director Graham Wheeler.

Wheeler has tweeted that the HTC 10 Nougat rollout in Mainland Europe will be resuming shortly, but posted an image with basic instructions for those who can’t wait for the software update. The instructions consist of a link to a more detailed instructions page, and another link to download the Android Nougat software. Do note that flashing the update will completely wipe your HTC 10 device, so it is best to perform a backup beforehand. 

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Wheeler however has warned that users of the Dutch HTC 10 will need to hold their horses and wait for their turn as Dutch variants of the HTC 10 are currently still under testing. Let’s hope that HTC will not face anymore issues leading to another halt in their software updates again.

Source: Graham Wheeler (Twitter)


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