Relationships can be ruined in many ways. Silly embarrassing typo’s or wrong emoji’s sent mistakenly at the wrong time are definitely two ways to wreck a relationship between two people. While some apps allow you to recall your texts sent by accident, there is no way to undo a WhatsApp message whatsoever, until now. 

The Verge has discovered a Tweet by WABetaInfo from nearly two months ago, claiming that WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that allows users to revoke sent messages. The post on Twitter came along with screenshots of the app’s chat, which shows “Sender revoked the message” in Italic form instead of the sent message, after being revoked. According to one of the latest replies on that Tweet, WABetaInfo claims that the feature isn’t really working and is currently still under development.

A feature that revokes messages will definitely be a welcome feature on WhatsApp, which is one of the most widely used messaging apps globally. Gone will be the days when you send cringe worthy texts, or regretting one word replies in the heat of an argument. Are you all for second chances when it comes to messaging? Let us know your thoughts at the comments section below!

Source: WABetaInfo (Twitter)

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