Instagram has probably added more features than any other social app under a short amount of time, to the Instagram app we see today. The Facebook owned app has added Snapchat like features to what we know as Instagram Stories last year. Live video streaming has also been made available to selected regions in 2016, with a global rollout earlier this year. According to a Twitter user, it seems like Instagram is currently testing a new feature which allows uploads of multiple photos in a single post.

Philip Chang, a Twitter user has announced to the interwebs that Instagram is currently testing a multiple photos feature on its own app. Instead of being able to post a single photo on Instagram, users will be able to upload multiple photos to be posted into a photo album, up to 10 photos to be exact. Instagram users will then be able to browse through the posted album, going through all the photos in the album. Chang is currently using Instagram version 10.7.0 on Android, which should only be available to a handful of lucky Instagram users. The updated version of Instagram on the Google Play Store is of 10.6.0, so we suppose that the feature is only in its testing phase before Instagram decides to roll it out to everyone.

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Do you happen to be one of the lucky few users to enjoy Instagram’s multiple photos feature? If the feature turns out to be a success, Instagram will soon turn out to be like Facebook, where users are able to upload photo albums on their feed. What do you think?

Source: Philip Chang (Twitter)