The Honor 6X was one of the few phones that managed to retain its hype after CES 2017 last month at Las Vegas. The Huawei sub brand handset sports decently impressive specs at a very reasonable price tag. On top of that, the phone features a secondary camera on its rear panel, forming a dual camera configuration, an upgrade from the Honor 5X. However, the Honor 6X appears to be a cheaply built phone, according to a series of durability tests.

JerryRigEverything, a well known figure on the tech side of YouTube, is famous for giving new phones a beating of his own, before concluding whether or not a smartphone is worthy to be considered durable. The Honor 6X is the latest device to suffer Jerry’s wrath, and it did not turn out pretty. The mid range handset has been added to what Jerry calls the Shelf of Shame, greatly failing scratch and bend tests. 

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The Honor 6X uses a glass panel that is very prone to scratching. Most phones that Jerry has tested only started to scratch at level 6, whereas the Honor 6X started having scratches from level 4. Hence it is likely that Huawei isn’t using Gorilla Glass for this particular device. The Honor 6X fails even greater when it faced Jerry’s bend test. It appears that only a few plastic clips holds the metal backing of the Honor 6X together, which definitely sounds flimsy. Consequently, the metal back popped out right after the phone started bending, and the display panel on the front damaged almost instantaneously as well.

Looks like the Honor 6X is a pretty cheap phone in terms of design quality. Will you still be considering the Honor 6X? Let us know at the comments section below.