Last year saw Google put an end to its own Nexus branding of devices, going with the newer Pixel name. The company launched its first ever Pixel series of handsets, dubbed the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Both phones were not only premiumly priced, but performed impressively in every aspect and they managed to wow consumers and critics alike. Google is expected to refresh its Pixel lineup later this year, and we already have a rumor or two in our hands to share with you.

According to 9to5Google, this year’s Pixel refresh will of course include improved specs, such as an upgraded chipset, possibly a Snapdragon 83x processor. 9to5Google’s source has also suggested that Google will be especially focusing on the Pixel 2’s camera optics this time round, but the megapixel count is said to still be retained from last year’s Pixel phone at 12MP. Google is tipped to make the Pixel 2 truly excel in low light photography, hence the particular focus in its camera department.

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Waterproofing of the Pixel 2 was previously rumored to be a sure thiing, but the source this time has stated that the feature is still “on the table”. Another Pixel phone without water resistance might prove to be a real deal breaker in 2017, so it will be wise for Google to not chuck it out in this year’s Pixel refresh. Also, the Pixel 2 will feature a higher price tag than its predecessor. On top of that, Google is said to be developing an affordable budget version of the Pixel 2 this year to be offered to consumers who aren’t willing to burn holes in their pockets.

It’s pretty clear that these rumors are still in a very early stage, but there’s got to be something to begin with. What will you be expecting from the Pixel 2 this year?

Source: 9to5Google

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