Apple’s legal fight against Qualcomm has just gotten worse as it appears that the Cupertino-based company has filed two additional lawsuits on top of the pre-existing one that was filed on Monday.

The first of the two new lawsuit was filed in Beijing where Apple claims that Qualcomm has violated China’s anti-monopoly law. In addition to that, Apple claims that Qualcomm has abused its position as a dominant chip supplier, which has supposedly harmed Apple in the process. The second lawsuit focuses on Qualcomm’s patent deals with Apple asking the court to rule on the terms of a licensing agreement between the two companies. The wording used on this lawsuit hints that it may be related to the U.S. Federal Trade Commissions’ lawsuit against Qualcomm over the company’s supposed violation of the fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

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Qualcomm has since stated that “it was prepared to defend its business model”. “These filings by Apple’s Chinese subsidiary are just part of Apple’s efforts to find ways to pay less for Qualcomm’s technology. Apple was offered terms consistent with terms accepted by more than one hundred other Chinese companies and refused to even consider them,” says Don Rosenberg, general counsel for Qualcomm. As for Apple, the company did release any new statements, pointing instead to the one it released back when the first lawsuit against Qualcomm was filed.

Source: The Verge