Not too long ago during CES 2017, three major Chromebooks were announced. Samsung unveiled the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro, whereas ASUS took the wraps off its Chromebook Flip C302CA. They all have one key new feature in common, which is the support for Android apps. Like the Chromebook Pixel that was launched back in 2015, these three mentioned Chromebooks will enables users to download apps from the Google Play Store to be used, hence the Android apps support.

According to the Chrome OS website, under the support segment, Google has stated that all Chromebooks launched in 2017 will be able to run Android apps out of the box, which is pretty much expected. This is definitely a wise move considering the fact that Google has a huge gargantuan landscape of various Android apps. The other good thing is not all existing Chromebook users will be missing out on this new feature.

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Google has also provided a list of existing Chromebooks that will have Android apps support as well, and has made it easier for users to install Android apps on their respective devices by providing a step by step process for users. With that, a number of current Chromebooks and the future ones won’t be limited to just Chrome apps, with the expansion to support Android apps. By the time you realize, all Chromebooks will eventually support Android apps. But do note that not all Chromebooks will have the Android apps support, as Google continues to evaluate device by device.

Source: Chromium OS


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