The old Vine as we know it is dead. The six second looped video sharing platform has gotten a makeover and is now a camera app instead – Vine Camera. Vine Camera has just emerged and is now available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The pre Vine Camera version of Vine still has its website “” operating, but users won’t be able to upload new Vines anymore. However, users can still watch their favorite viral video loops on the website. The company has stated that it will be transforming the website into an archive of Vines, so those Vines from the past won’t be going anywhere.

The all new Vine Camera carries on the same concept of six second long looping videos, but this time, users can upload them directly onto Twitter, or just save them locally on their handsets. It also features the same tools to retain the Vine legacy. For instance, multi clip trimming, grid overlay, AF focus, ghost tool, flash and front facing camera. Vine has laid those out for users so they won’t miss the old Vine too much.

You won’t be required to re-install the Vine Camera app if you already have the existing Vine app. You would only have to update the existing Vine app. If you don’t happen to have the Vine app installed, simply head on to the source link below to download the all new Vine Camera app.

Source: Play Store 


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