Searching for a topic using Android’s Google app in an area with limited connectivity won’t be as much of a pain soon as Google is now rolling out an update to the app that will give it an “offline mode” of sorts.

Just so we’re clear here, the Offline Mode for Android’s Google app doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use the search engine when you have no internet connection whatsoever. Instead, whenever you try to search for something with the app while your device has limited connectivity, the Google app will save your search and hold onto it. Once your device receives a more stable connection, the app will send you a notification, indicating that your search is complete and you may now view the results.

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For those who are worried that this new feature will affect the device’s battery life, Google’s product manage Shekhar Sharad has said that the new feature won’t drain your battery, nor will it drastically impact data usage. The update is currently being rolled out to users so if the feature isn’t available on your Android device just yet, you can expect it to be available within the next few days.

Source: Google


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