The Android One initiative definitely sounded hopeful when it first launched back in September 2014. The initiative was mainly catered to consumers from developing countries who aren’t ready or capable of splashing cash on smartphones. Hence, Android One is a line up of low cost budget Android smartphones with standardized stock software by Google, manufactured by partnering manufacturers. It turns out that Android One isn’t doing well as it was expected to be in participating nations, which mostly consist of South Asian countries. 

Despite that fact, mega company Google is said to be willing to test the waters in the US. The company has launched its new line of Pixel flagship smartphones last year and slapped premium price tags on them, giving a reason for Google to expand the initiative state side. If this turns out to be true, we might be looking at a more affordable line of Nexus/Pixel handsets when Android One kicks off in the US. 

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There is no doubt a market for Android One in the country, and LG is rumored to be the company that Google will be working with for the initiative. Like existing Android One smartphones, the upcoming ones will be running stock Android as well. On top of that, Google Assistant is also tipped to debut in the mentioned Android One handsets for the US market. How do you think Android One will fare if it were to hit Malaysian shores?

Source: The Information

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