Nintendo fanboys should get their wallets ready as the Nintendo Switch will be going on sale on the 3rd of March.

The Nintendo Switch console itself hasn’t changed all that much when the device was first previewed in the trailer. For starters, the Switch itself is a tablet that comes with two detachable controllers called Joy-Cons and a capacitive touch screen. Said tablet can be docked to the Nintendo Switch Dock, allowing you to play the Switch games on your TV while charging up the device itself.

On the portability side of things, the Nintendo Switch will come with two to six hours of battery life. Charging can be done via USB Type-C, so if you’re looking to have a prolonged gaming session with your Switch in portable mode, you can always supplement the battery with a power bank.

Connectivity-wise, the Nintendo Switch will have Wi-Fi support for online multiplayer purposes. For local multiplayer, the Switch can support up to eight controllers. For those aiming to game online with the Nintendo Switch, we have some bad news for you. Nintendo will be implementing a paid system for those who wants to play their games online a la PlayStation Network. This system is expected to go online in Fall 2017, so you’ll need to prepare yourself for an online service subscription to Nintendo. On the positive side of things, the Nintendo Switch will not have any region lock whatsoever.

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Rounding the Nintendo Switch up, we have the detachable Joy-Cons. Available in grey, Neon Blue and Neon Red, each individual Joy-Con will come with its own accelerometer and gyroscope. In addition to that, it’ll come with what Nintendo calls “HD Rumble” which is presumably an advanced version of haptic feedback. The Joy-Con will also come with a square Capture button that lets you take screenshots and videos in the future, and it’ll sport an IR motion camera that is capable of detecting shapes and distances of objects.

The Nintendo Switch will be making its way to the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, and “other regions” on its launch date with a retail price of JPY29,980, which is roughly RM1,200 here. Nintendo will be making two Nintendo Switch bundles available – one with the grey Joy-Con controllers, and the other with a Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con controller.


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