We may have heard a whole lot about Meizu last year like we have in 2015, but the company has been making its own strides back in its homeland, China. Having increased a healthy 10 percent in terms of shipments of smartphones from 20 million in 2015, Meizu has now made history for itself, having shipped out 22 million in 2016.

The 22 million figure definitely does sound like peanuts for elite giants like Apple and Samsung, but it is a record and a milestone set by Meizu. According to a tweet by the company’s Global Marketing Manager Ard Boudeling, 22 million units would mean that an average 60,000 people unboxing a Meizu handset each every single day. That definitely sounds like a lot if it is being put that way. However, like most Chinese manufacturers, Meizu’s performance when it comes to shipmets worldwide is far from impressive, only standing at 2 million, with over 90 percent being sold in China.

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Meizu has also been known for fitting high end internals into its smartphones, while gaining inspiration from other manufacturers when designing their products. The company has been pretty critical of Qualcomm chips, having MediaTek processors pitted up against the former, claiming it to be on par while being more affordable at the same time, hence more affordable smartphones. But that might take a turn later this year as Meizu has been tipped to start adopting Snapdragon chipsets for at least one of its upcoming devices. Also in the rumor mill is that Meizu will be unveiling a MediaTek Helio X30 powered handset with a curved edge screen. 

What do you think of Meizu’s achievement? Let’s hope we will see more Meizu handsets in the global market this year.

Source: Ard Boudelling (Twitter)