Windows 10 has received its first Insider build (15002) for the year and it contains a rather large number of new features, alongside some features that were leaked earlier such as the Green Screen of Death.

Microsoft’s Edge browser will be on the receiving end of some huge new features as Microsoft has implemented a new tab preview bar that lets you look at all of your tabs without needing to leave the page you’re currently on. On top of that, Edge will now allow you to set aside tabs for later use instead of closing them and reopening them later.

Windows will also allow you to launch a new Edge window or InPrivate window directly from the Taskbar itself by right clicking or swiping up on the Edge icon found in the Taskbar. Finally, Edge will now automatically block all untrusted Flash content by default. If the user wants a certain Flash content to run, they’ll need to enable said content manually.

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Besides Edge, Windows 10 will also be getting a slew of new features as well. One of the more standout features that is available in the Preview Build 15002 is the Blue Light Settings option that works similar to F.lux. Once the feature is enabled, Windows 10 will automatically reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the PC at a certain time. Microsoft has also introduced added a way for Windows users to override the DPI settings, which is ideal for those who use high-resolution monitors.

These are just part of the changes that will be coming as part of the Creators Update. For a full list of feautres, you can find them at the Windows Blog.

Source: Windows Blog, The Verge