As far as fitness trackers go, they mostly work the same way, and you kind of throw them at a side after sometime because you simply get sick with all that motivation messages, and you still think why the heck you are still not slimming down. This could all change with Boltt, an Indian based company that’s about to make fitness tracking a little smarter with AI.

CES 2017: Boltt wants to inspire you to train smarter with its AI fitness trackers 1

Boltt has announced three things in its CES press conference, a connected shoe, stride sensor and fitness tracker. All of these products are all managed by an AI Health Assistant called ‘B’, which interacts with the user and rather than just showing messages of how you are doing on screen, B actually tells what you should look out on your health based on your activities. For instance, if you happen to have logged too much sugar intake for the day which affects your deep sleep, B says it out loud that you should cut down your intake by a certain amount to improve your sleep. Otherwise, B also gives the user real time feedback while working out, such as asking you to slowdown your running speed if you overdo it.

CES 2017: Boltt wants to inspire you to train smarter with its AI fitness trackers 2

Boltt’s connected shoes, which comes equipped with functionalities like energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance and balanced gripping ground control for a natural movement, is the first of its kind where users will be able to track their real-time movement up to 97% accuracy all thanks to a Smart Stride sensor, Boltt says it uses a SDM technology of Garmin to enable better readings than a typical fitness tracking wearable.

CES 2017: Boltt wants to inspire you to train smarter with its AI fitness trackers 3

If you have your own pair of shoes for running already and want to make it smart, Boltt does sell the Smart Stride sensor separately, you can either attach the sensor to your shoe laces or hide it under the sole, whichever the user prefer. The Smart Stride sensor can also help to analyse performance metrics on sports that requires running such as rugby and soccer, with the help of ‘B’, it could provide information on how you shouldn’t stress your legs too much to avoid any sport injury.

Boltt is accepting preorders for its new connected AI fitness devices later this month on Kickstarter, however you can already claim early bird discounts now over at Boltt’s website, you will then apply the discount code on Kickstarter when it goes live. 

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