Razer has had a bad end to its CES 2017 showcase as reports are going around that two of Razer’s prototypes have been stolen from the showfloor.

According to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan’s Facebook update, two unnamed prototypes have been stolen from the Razer booth at CES today. Tan mentioned that the company has filed “the necessary reports” and are currently working with both the CES management team as well as local law enforcement to retrieve the stolen prototypes.

Seeing as the only known prototypes that were revealed by Razer at this year’s CES are the triple-monitor Project Valerie gaming laptop, as well as the Project Ariana gaming projector, it is highly possible that a unit of each was stolen from Razer’s booth. Also possible is the fact that someone managed to steal two units of a particular prototype. 

Source: Facebook


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