Just because CES 2017 is over doesn’t mean that companies have nothing else that could surprise us. Case in point, HTC has begun teasing a its “For U” event today, which hints that the company may be debuting a new phone on the 12th of January. However, well-known leaker Evan Blass has obtained more information about the phone behind the “For U” event, and it looks to be an intriguing one.

As shown in the tweet above, it appears that Evan Blass has somehow managed to obtain a promotional video that is expected to be shown during the HTC event. While a huge part of the videos are your standard marketing-like comparisons between other phones, the final few seconds of the videos shows a Vive-branded smartphone, indicating that this would indeed be the phone that HTC will be debuting at the event.

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We don’t expect any details about this phone to be revealed just yet, but we are guessing that the Vive branding may indicated that HTC is going to do its own VR platform for smartphones. Should that be the case, it’ll be interesting to see how HTC will attempt to compete with Google’s Daydream platform. Alternatively, it could just be HTC’s way of labelling a smartphone as VR-ready. Whatever the case, more details are expected to be revealed later this week.

Source: Twitter, Engadget