Shortly after Google released a beta version of Google v6.10 for Android smartphones, those who’ve delved deep into the code has discovered what could potentially be future features for Google’s own digital assistant, Google Assistant.

According to a report by Android Police, it appears that a search gestures option will be implemented for Google Assistant. Judging from the code that was discovered, it appears that Google may allow users to launch Google Assistant just by swiping down on the home screen. In addition to that, Google may also be implementing “In Apps” and “All” as new search options, which potentially means that Google’s implementation of deep search for apps may be on the way soon.

The next feature that is being teased in the beta code is the ability to utilise Google Assistant via text. Up until today, Google’s Allow app is the only place where one could utilise Google Assistant through text. For all other instances, Google Assistant can only be navigated via voice. This may be changing as the beta code reveal that the Google Assistant popup includes a button with a keyboard icon as well as a text box that says “Type something…”. 

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Before you get too excited, do note that codes in a beta app does not mean that the feature is confirmed. Until Google itself confirms that the features discovered in the code will be coming to Google Assistant, all of these features might possibly not see the light of day due to various reason. 

Source: Android Police