As Facebook Live gets popular these days, it would make total sense for gaming companies to incorporate that feature into their game titles. However, NVIDIA has taken a step further to implement Facebook Live streaming to its GeForce Experience (GFE) software, the feature is immediately available now once you update the GFE client. Unlike advanced streaming software like Open Broadcast Software and XSplit, Facebook Live streaming on GFE is a simpler and straightforward feature, all you need to do is to pull up the in-game overlay, click on the broadcast button and enter your Facebook login credentials for the first time, name your live stream title and you are good to go.

While this is a convenient feature, there are certain limitations that you can’t do on GFE’s broadcast feature such as adding a logo or playing a background music, you will also not be able to see comments from your friends as well. Furthermore, Facebook Live limits any streaming source to 720p at 30 fps for its maximum quality, so even if you game at smooth 60 fps on your screen, your viewers may not be able to experience the same quality like you do on screen, and for that you will need to resort to dedicated game live streaming services like YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

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If all of that technical limitation don’t matter to you and you probably just want to show off to the world that you bought the most expensive game, update your GFE client now and yes, you will need a GeForce GPU to enjoy this feature.