Everything is going smart these days, even beauty products so it is a pleasant surprise that we now have the first smart hairbrush unveiled today at CES 2017 by Keratase and Withings, in collaboration with L’Oreal Research and Innovation Technology Incubator. 

This luxurious hairbrush actually features Withings’ advanced sensors and L’Oreal’s patent-pending signal analysis algorithms in order to score the quality of hair and monitor the effects of different hair care routines. There is also a mobile app that accompanies this special hairbrush to provide additional insights and product recommendations customized according to your hair needs. 

So, why a smart hairbrush? According to L’Oreal scientists, brushing your hair forcefully has been proven to cause hair damage, especially breakage and split ends. So what this smart hairbrush does is utilize the Withings’ sensors to provide information about your hair quality and brushing patterns. It does that with a microphone that listens to the sound of hair brushing to identify patterns to further provide insights into manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage of your hair. It also features a 3-axis load cells that measure the force of your brushing on your hair and scalp, and an accelerometer and a gyroscope to further analyze brushing patterns and count strokes, with haptic feedback if you are being too vigorous in your hair care. There is also conductivity sensors on the brush to determine whether you are brushing wet or dry hair in order to provide accurate hair measurement. 

All these sensors will feed data to its mobile app and offer recommendations on products, hair care tips and brushing advice while taking into account weather factors like humidity, temperature, UV and wind. 

This smart hairbrush is a three-way collaboration between Keratase, Withings, and L’Oreal Research and Innovation Technology Incubator, and will retail for under US$200. It will be available mid-2017 at select Kérastase hair salons and the brand’s website, and through Withings’ online sales and distribution channels.