In a super early morning here in Las Vegas today, 6.30AM to be exact, BMW held its CES 2017 press conference at the Las Vegas Convention Centre and we were there to witness the unveiling of BMW’s i Vision Future interaction concept car. The concept car shows how autonomous and advanced future BMW’s cars would be designed to enhance the driving experience and redefines how an enjoyable journey should be like, BMW has even went on to call it a spaceship and has decorated the back seat of the car like a small driving living room.

One of the interesting things that you will find here is BMW HoloActive Touch, which is the company’s latest take on the future of in-car control and display technology, there’s a holographic panel that is visible to the driver and it will attempt to smartly recognise your gesture interactions. For instance, a building object gets projected and when interacted, it will be able to show information such as the distance from your current position to that place.

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Furthermore, the concept car also features a panoramic display on the dashboard featured last year, which works like a touch screen but doesn’t require any contact at all, BMW calls this the Air Touch technology and it has now been taken a step further with the BMW HoloActive Touch, the technology has fuses the advantages of the BMW Head-Up Display, BMW gesture control and intuitive touchscreen functionality to create a completely new kind of user interface for the vehicle interior of the future.

While a concept car’s features may remain conceptual and never see the day, BMW’s commitment in redefining how drivers can interact with the car’s features and controls seem pretty legit, considering that our lives are getting more connected than ever, it would make sense that future marques could do things on par with what our current gadgets could already do.