Monitor tech has been getting pretty crazy as of late seeing as tech like G-Sync and curved screens are becoming more common nowadays. However, the price one pays to get a monitor that comes with the aforementioned tech can be a bit too steep for some. For most people, all they really want out of monitor is one that performs well, is big enough for their purposes and doesn’t have a price tag. One such monitor that fits the criteria is the ViewSonic VA2419-sh, a 24″ monitor that doesn’t make too big of a dent in your wallet.


In terms of how the monitor looks, the ViewSonic VA2419-sh can be described as rather traditional. While it is true that the ViewSonic VA2419-sh has a narrow 6.4″ frame and sports a frameless design, the monitor itself isn’t the thinnest monitor around, nor is it one that is bezel-less. The VA2419-sh doesn’t come with a particularly unique design, but if you’re thinking of getting the VA2419-sh in the first place, the aesthetics of the monitor isn’t a huge priority in the first place.

One thing I would like to make mention of with regards to the VA2419-sh is the lack of adjustments that can be made to it. Apart from tilting the angle, you can’t really adjust the height of the monitor. Do take note of that when you place the monitor on your desk, as you may or may not need to do some adjustments to the height of your seat.


As far as performances go, the VA2419-sh has some pretty good faetures of its own. For starters, the monitor uses a 1080p SuperClear IPS panel, allowing for wide viewing angles. Some of ViewSonic’s own tech can be found on the VA2419-sh too, such as the ViewMode presets, flicker-free technology, as well as a built-in blue light filter.

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For those who like raw numbers, the VA2419-sh boasts a response time of 5 ms grey-to-grey, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, a brightness of 250 cd/m2, and a 60Hz refresh rate. The monitor comes with a single VGA port, a single HDMI port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


My experience with the VA2419-sh over the course of two weeks has been pretty smooth overall. The monitor itself is able to display colours that are accurate and vibrant enough for my tastes. The various presets that come with the monitor has been tweaked well and will come in handy for those who rely on it. The blue light filter feature is especially useful if you’re planning to use the monitor in complete darkness. There is some minor backlight bleed on the monitor itself, but it isn’t too drastic to be distracting. In short, the VA2419-sh is a jack of all trades.

If there is one part that I don’t quite like about the monitor, it would be its weight. Sitting at 4kg, the VA2419-sh is a rather heavy monitor on its own. This can mainly be attributed to the overall build of the monitor, which can only be described as solid. That said, it isn’t a monitor that you’ll want to carry around too frequently.

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