Nintendo 3DS owners may or may not be familiar with an application called FreeShop. Originally created to allow 3DS owners to download games that they’ve already purchased, the application also has the unfortunate side effect of enabling piracy. No surprise then that Nintendo itself has issued a takedown notice on the application’s GitHub page.

The way FreeShop enables piracy lies in the ‘titlekey’ encryption system that Nintendo uses for its online store. FreeShop allows other users to share titlekeys, which allows many 3DS owner to acquire games that they’ve never bought. Because of this, Nintendo has forced GitHub to takedown FreeShops repository.

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While this means that you’ll no longer be able to get FreeShop through GitHub, it doesn’t mean that FreeShop as a whole has been taken down entirely. As far as we know, those who already have FreeShop installed on their 3DS could continue using app as per normal.

Source: Kotaku