YouTube’s Content ID system has been widely loathed by many YouTubers and viewers alike as the system targets videos that uses some form of copyright music indiscriminately. So it comes as a surprise that Facebook may be creating such a system of its own.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Facebook is currently working on a copyright identification system that can be used to find and remove videos that contain copyrighted music. While it is still too early to say what exactly be removed under this copyright identification system, the report did mention that fan-made covers of music will be targeted for removal. 

Facebook has since begun talking with major record labels in order to license music content on its social media platform. The talk itself is still in the early stages and a deal is not expected to be reached before Spring. 

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The creation of a Çontent ID-like system comes after David Israelite, CEO and president of the National Music Publishers’ Association, wrote an op-ed piece on Billboard that was critical of Facebook’s approach to music copyright. Rest assured, once the system is in place, Facebook wouldn’t have to face the wrath of the music industry; it would have to face the wrath of its userbase instead.

Source: Financial Times, Billboard, Factmag