6 year old Ashlynd took her Christmas wishlist into her own hands when she purchased 13 items of Pokemon merchandise all by herself, with the exception and assistance of her mom’s fingerprint, thanks to Apple’s Touch ID. Bethany Howell, an iPhone user from Arkansas, USA was shocked after receiving 13 confirmations of purchases made online. According to the Wallstreet Journal, Howell initially thought she got hacked by someone else, until her daughter explained to her. 

It turns out that Ashlynd took the opportunity to do some independent shopping on mommy’s iPhone when Howell was fast asleep on her couch. All Ashlynd had to do is to get Howell’s thumb on the fingerprint sensor, and as simple as that, a purchase can be made online. The whole shopping session amounted to $250 (RM1,120.50), to the shock of her parents. 

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The 6 year old assured her mom that it wasn’t a hack, explaining, “No, Mommy, I was shopping. Don’t worry. everything I ordered is coming straight to the house.” Unfortunately for Howell, only 4 items could be returned, which leaves 9 other Pokemon items for Ashlynd’s Pokemon themed Christmas. A classic example of how convenience in technology can bite you back in different ways. Let us know your thoughts at the comments section below!

Source: The Wall Street Journal