Samsung Malaysia has taken measures to shut down local Galaxy Note 7 devices, forcing users to either exchange the phablet or keep it as a useless brick of a prop. As reported earlier today, Malaysian Galaxy Note 7 phones will be powered down toe 0 percent charge, with a prompt/notification for users to backup all their data before the device is being put to sleep. Major US carrier T-Mobile has just rolled out a software update that will prevent the phone from charging.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 units last received a software update in early November that limits the battery charge to 60 percent, deeming it safe to be operated. The carrier has now pushed out a new update which will stop the Note 7 from being able to charge once and for all. Apart from preventing the phablet’s charge ability, the update comes with an on screen notification to remind users about the recall, along with the steps to take to return it.

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The Galaxy Note 7, if still alive, might turn out to be 2016’s best smartphone, but unfortunately the phablet suffered a series of explosions, triggering a recall by Samsung, with the replacement units still lighting up and combusting in flames, eventually leading to its official demise. With T-Mobile’s software update, fellow major carries are slated to roll out theirs early next monht in January 2017. What do you think?

Source: T-Mobile