For those who are still bravely and proudly holding a Galaxy Note 7, your phone will be permanently dead at 9PM, December 31 2016, as Samsung will be pushing a software update to your devices to disable the charging of the device. As reported by our friends at Amanz, the notification is being sent in batches to all 8000 preorder units of the Galaxy Note 7 and apparently there are still a lot of users who just doesn’t want to return the device for an exchange or refund, despite being one of the most reported incident this year.

The Galaxy Note 7 has caused a disaster in Samsung’s sales and reputation after a number of reported cases of exploding batteries, and the company is certainly taking immediate action to ensure no phones will ever hurt their customers ever again. As of now, Samsung Malaysia is still accepting returns or exchanging to a Galaxy S7 edge, affected customers can call up Samsung Malaysia’s careline at 1800-88-7799 for assistance, for your safety we also urge that you simply return your Galaxy Note 7 and if you can’t find a phone to purchase yet, watch this video below to find out our Top 10 smartphones reviewed and why you should still buy them.

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Source: Amanz