If you have been looking for an affordable broadband service with lots of data, Webe has finally introduced its home broadband plan, designed for use with tablets and 4G LTE modems, the telco is currently offering early birds for a price of RM59/month with 30GB high speed data quota for a limited time. Unlike its unlimited mobile service, the home broadband SIM card will not be able to support voice calls as it is meant for data only, however you will be able to tether your data connection up to 10 devices, which you will be required to pay on webe’s mobile service.

Even though webe has mentioned support for tablets on its product page, it is assumed that the home broadband SIM can be inserted into any 4G LTE devices with support for FDD-LTE Band 5, this is a no contract plan and at this time of writing, Webe hasn’t offer any discounts on devices for its home broadband. Users will also need to take note that the 30GB data quota is valid till 28 February 2017, which will then be reverted to its initial 10GB quota after the said date, but we can confidently assume that webe may choose to retain its current offer, given the fact on how the company has reacted back on its webe mobile service launch, as they maintained its promotional price without the need to be a P1/TM customer and using a Webe certified smartphone.

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For more information on Webe’s broadband, head on over to https://www.webe.com.my/shop/webe-broadband or visit the Webe Lounge at Sunway Pyramid.