Meeting up with your friends via Uber has just gotten a whole lot easier as an update that was rolled out to the ridesharing app now allows you to set your friends’ location as a destination.

The feature in question is called ‘Uber to a Person’, and it works by syncing your contacts with the Uber app. Once your contact list has been synced, you can use the feature by typing your friend’s name into the ‘Where to?’ box. Your friend will receive a request from Uber to provide their current static location, and if they accept, their location will be used as your destination.

Once you’ve gotten on your Uber, the app will provide your friend with your ETA, giving them a heads up as to when they will arrive. For those who are worried that the feature will allow Uber to track their whereabouts, you need not worry as the feature does not track your location.

Uber lets you set your friend's location as a destination 1

Alongside the ‘Uber to a Person’ feature, the Uber update will also introduce Snapchat integration with the Uber app. When both the Snapchat app and Uber apps are linked, you’ll be able to unlock custom Uber filters. 

Source: Uber Newsroom

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