Instagram has recently hit 600 million users for its platform, with 100 million coming from the last six months alone. The photo sharing platform has come really far from just a photo posting app to the feature filled app of today, though lately Instagram has been known for being one of the greatest copycats of Snapchat. Having enabled live video and the ability to save posts, Instagram has added stickers to its Instagram Stories.

Instagram has launched stickers for Instagram Stories, with a Christmas themed holiday twist. This definitely looks like another rip off feature from Snapchat. Stickers come in different styles, moods, and a couple of customizable ones that shows the time and the location at the time of post. The holiday twists comes in whereby Instagram has readied a bunch of Christmas themed stickers to add joy to the season.

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Instagram adds stickers, and "Hands-Free" video to Instagram Stories 1

Another newly added feature which Snapchat should copy instead is the new “Hands-Free” video option. Instead of having to hold down the capture button when recording a story, users now have the option to go hands-free. This means that users only have to press the record button and press it again to stop recording, allowing them to do much more with non-occupied hands. The “Hands-Free” video is available as a mode on the Stories screen.

Also, Instagram for iOS now allows you to save all your Instagram Stories from the last 24 hours into a single video, to your local camera roll. What do you think of these newly added features on Instagram?

Source: Instagram


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