Facebook’s Messenger has received a major add on to its app which will definitely get more people to start using it. Facebook has estimated 245 million people making video calls on Messenger every month, and the company is determined to bring it to the next level by adding a group video chatting feature. 

You probably know how group video chats work, unless you haven’t been on one before. It is just as simple on Messenger as it is on other platforms when it comes to initiating a group video call. In an existing group conversation, or a new one, users will just have to tap on the video icon on the upper right corner of the screen to start the video call. Your fellow friends in the group conversation will then be notified, and with one tap, they will be able to join in on the video chat as well.

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Messenger’s group video chat can handle up to 50 people at one go. But do bear in mind that only the dominant speaker will be shown on the screen to everyone if the number of people in the video chat exceeds 6 people. In order to get this new feature up and running on Messenger, be sure to update the app to its latest version. This feature is currently only available on iOS for now, and will arrive to the Android platform real soon.

Source: Facebook

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