Facebook owned Instagram has been making a lot of strides lately, especially within this year itself. 2016 saw the Instagram app sporting a new outlook, changing its icon logo. The app also welcomed the introduction of Instagram Stories, similar to how Snapchat’s Story works. Updates over the last couple of weeks brought in live video streaming capabilities, and the new ability for users to bookmark/save Instagram posts to be viewed later. 

Since Instagram’s initial release a little over six years ago on the 6th of October 2010, the company has reached a new milestone in terms of its user base. As of the 15th of December this year, Instagram has recorded more than 600 million users in its community. According to the blog post by the company, 100 million users joined the Instagram community in the last six months alone.

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One would think that Instagram will be adding a new feature or two to celebrate the 600 million user milestone, but do cut them some slack as the app has been receiving a whole load of improvements in 2016. Instagram thanks all its users as it looks to improve the user experience and the consistency of the app in the future. How long have you been an Instagrammer? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Instagram


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