Over the past few weeks, Facebook has announced that it will be launching a curated content feature as well as implementing a survey system in its attempts to combat fake news. Today, the company is highlighting yet another way that it will use to ward of fake news: third-party fact checkers.

These third-party fact checkers in questions are all signatories of the Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles, and they’ll work in tandem with the preexisting hoax reporting system that Facebook implemented earlier this year.

Facebook has stated that they will be compiling reports generated by the hoax reporting system and compiling them alongside other signals. The data would then be forwarded to these organizations. Once said organizations identify that a story is fake, the link will be flagged as “disputed” on the News Feed, alongside a corresponding article that explains why. Users will still be able to share said news, although a warning will be given before they’re allowed to share it. Furthermore, news flagged as “disputed” cannot be made into an ad nor promoted.

Source: Facebook


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