A better Bluetooth experience will be making its way to the next generation devices as the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification this week, replacing the now aging Bluetooth 4.2 specification.

Much like any other product updates, the key improvements that will be made with Bluetooth 5 lies in its performance. Bluetooth themselves states that Bluetooth will have four times the range, two times the speed, and eight times the broadcast message capacity than Bluetooth 4.2. 

With the Internet of Things being more prevalent these days, Bluetooth 5 will include updates that would help reduce potential interference with other wireless technologies, ensuring that Bluetooth devices can coexist within the increasingly complex global IoT environment, all while maintaining its low-energy functionality and flexibility that Bluetooth is known for.

The adoption of Bluetooth 5 means that devices will be adopting this specification from this point forward. Bluetooth estimates that devices that are built with Bluetooth 5 will be out within the next two to six months. If the estimate is correct, this means that the next cycle of devices will be adopting Bluetooth 5 as the standard.

Source: Bluetooth


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