The advancement of technology is necessary and inevitable at the same time, but let’s face it, the removal of the headphone jack from smartphones are still a no-no in most of our books, excluding Apple’s diehards. The absence of headphone jacks require users to now go wireless or carry headphone jack adapters with them on the go. Not the kind of scenario everyone intends to be in. Nevertheless, it looks like Samsung’s next flagship will be joining the party as well.

According to a report by Sam Mobile, Samsung is said to ditch the headphone jack with the Galaxy S8 that is due for a launch early next year. Samsung’s decision to move onto the USB Type-C standard is very much reasonable and expected, since most manufacturers have begun adopting USB Type-C ports for their handsets in 2016. But the company’s other controversial decision? Not so much.

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Perhaps Samsung is yet again following the trendsetting Apple, whose removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 series still sold well, despite receiving a lot of criticism. Apple labeled the move as courageous. We’re not sure what Samsung’s intentions are, but maybe the company is taking a risk and testing waters. With the Galaxy Note 7 tragedy that occured earlier this year, we would think that the South Korean manufacturer will tread carefully with its upcoming flagship next year. What do you think?

Source: Sam Mobile


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