During the Microsoft event that introduced the world to the Surface Studio and the upcoming Creators Update to Windows 10, Microsoft played a little skit that showcases how the company has made Windows 10 accessible to those who have disabilities. Building on that accessibility, Microsoft has outlined a slew of new features that would be making its way into Windows 10 via the Creators Update.

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is making the Narrator feature much more sophisticated. For one, users can now install the Creators Update solely through the use of Narrator. Microsoft has also made it so that the browsing the internet using the Edge browser is much easier as the company has added several new features, including the ability to jump directly to a form element like a check box, text field or button. For Xbox users, Narrator interactions will be possible via the Xbox controller.

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In addition to the Narrator upgrades, Microsoft will also be implementing Braille support with the Creators Update. While the feature will still be in its beta stages when the update rolls out, the system will still be able to support braille displays from more than 35 manufacturers, using more than 40 languages and multiple braille variants such as grade 2 contracted braille.

Source: Microsoft Accessibility Blog