Android Auto users can soon navigate the app with their voices as Google has begun rolling out “OK Google” support on selected versions of the company’s own car app.

Android Auto finally receives "OK Google" support 1

First spotted by a reddit user called neo5468, Google has added some text in its “Ok Google Detection” page that states that the voice activated system now works with Android Auto. Previously, “Ok Google” will only work with Google Maps when the user is driving, but with this update, users can now manipulate Android Auto just by using the voice. This feature is particularly handy as Android Auto has a safety feature that doesn’t allow a user to navigate the app when they’re driving.

For now, “OK Google” support for Android Auto hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet. Indeed, Google has yet to make an official statement about this feature. Nevertheless, the reddit post indicates that “OK Google” WILL be coming to Android Auto, so you’ll just need to be patient.

Source: reddit, Ars Technica

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