Have you ever dreamt of a Nintendo theme park? If you did, you’ll be somewhat pleased to hear that Universal Studios may play host to such a concept as both Nintendo and Universal have announced that Nintendo-themed areas will be coming to three Universal Studio theme parks.

While the actual attractions and rides are still in its planning stages, both parties have revealed that the Nintendo attractions will be available in the Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood-based Universal Studios theme parks. Little information is given about the Orlando and Hollywood theme parks, but the Japanese media did report that the Nintendo attraction for Universal Studios Osaka will cost USD350 million to complete. The attraction will star Nintendo’s mascot Mario, and it is scheduled to open in 2020, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

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Unfortunately, no mention was made as to whether or not these Nintendo-themed sections will be coming to other Universal theme parks outside of the three mentioned above, so those who were hoping for such a section in Universal Studios Singapore may have to put those dreams to rest.

Source: Nintendo, Engadget