4K resolution content is more available right now then it ever was. 4K televisions have become increasingly common, along with 4K desktop monitors, and to some extent, 4K display smartphones. While YouTube has already made 4K video support available on its platform way back in 2010, the number of YouTube uploads in 4K resolution has only spiked since last year. 

YouTube has something exciting for us once again, as it has announced 4K live streaming for its videos. The support isn’t only limited to normal videos, but to 360-degree videos as well. 1080p resolution videos are still pretty much the standard for today, but YouTube intends to push a step ahead with this revolutionary update to its own platform. Talk about a live VR experience in 4K resolution. There is probably nothing as immersive as that at this point of time.

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In conjunction with the new update, YouTube has teamed up with the folks behind The Game Awards to stream the awards show live in clear and crispy 4K. With more hardware and devices capable of 4K recording, it is no surprise that YouTube will eventually bring 4K support to live streaming to videos including 360-degree ones as well. We hope for 4K to be the standard and recommended resolution in the days to come where media content will be more life-like than ever before. 

Source: YouTube